Digital Science and Fashion Art 2019(1)
Space Art Design of Xinpu Phosphate Mine Park Based on Algorithm
Author:Jianwei Liu,Tingting Li ,Xiaoyan Liu
Author Unit: School of Art and Design, Shanghai University of Engineering Science, Shanghai, China
Shanghai International Institute of Design & Innovation, Shanghai, China
Abstract:Taking the site space of Xinpu Phosphate Mine Park as the research goal, this paper uses algorithm logic to design the space of the site to meet the peoples needs for a better life in the future. Based on the grasshopper platform and the landscape concept of reconstructing the network, the spatial pattern of the network is designed through parametric programming. According to the topographical features of the site, the topographical features of Lianyungang City are simulated in the base, to become higher in the east and lower in the west. The rich spatial experience is achieved by connecting different types of landscape spaces through network nodes. Each landscape node is connected by twists and turns of the road to form a criss-crossing path. There is a sinking space near the center of the plot. The plane is diamond-shaped and named Diamond Square, which is designed with water and waterfront space, and has a built-in “ring” installation art for rest and experience, which is as the center of the node, and then, six major functional areas, including the industrial heritage cultural area, the wetland recreation area, the wild living area, the ecological viewing experience area, the childrens play area and the central square, and 22 main landscape nodes are formed eventually.
Keywords:Algorithmic shape;Landscape;Spatial form
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