Digital Science and Fashion Art 2019(1)
A thorough discussion on the spatial language of mythological thinking
Author:Cheng-xia Xiong
Author Unit: University of Shanghai for Science and Technology,Shanghai 200093

Abstract:Objective:Before the great mythological tradition, peoples cognition of the mysterious order of the universe became the object of referencefor the transcendental imagination of oral culture and the creation of space entities. They interpret each other. From prehistoric times, architectural space has been a miniature of cosmic space. When people simulate the cosmic space form and transform it into construction activities, they also further use the layout of architectural spatial planning to disseminate the founding myth. Method Through the study ofarchitectural forms, jade sacred archetypes and traditional architectural theories, we explore the mythological archetypes on the architectural axis and the transformation ability of the space between heaven and earth. By comparing the forms of the underworld architecture and theabove-ground space architecture, we can understand the concept of interpenetration of the prehistoric human universe. The nature of heaven and earth is finally transmitted through architecture, so we can understand the bearing role of Chinese architecture on space and belief. The founding myth corresponds to visual space, which confirms the universal significance of architecture to the Chinese civilization, thatis, the circlular force of Chinese cultural spirit and human morality. Conclusion Traditional architecture conveys the image of the country and the nation in the context of divine discourse in a just, solemn and elegant manner.Traditional architecture regulates the behavior of city life in the form of freedom, pleasure and frugality. Traditional architecture constructs the cultural communication of the whole society and the transcendence of space spirit.
Keywords:Architectural mythology; Spatial language; Media; Archetypal transformation
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