International Medical Student Education 2019(1)
Construction and Exploration of Simulation System for International Medical Students in Anesthesiology Experiment Teaching
Author:Yingxia Liang, Rui Zhang, Zhaodong Juan
Author Unit: Department of Anesthesiology, Weifang Medical University

Abstract:Anesthesiology is a clinical applied discipline, and hence experiment teaching is critically important. In order to improve the quality of international students experiment teaching and promote the students to master the anesthesiology skills, the anesthesiology department of Weifang Medical University established the local functional model, advance simulator, computer program simulation, visual teaching system, and virtual system in the experiment teaching. At the end of the semester, questionnaires were distributed to enquire about the satisfaction of international students in the anesthesia simulation teaching system. The results showed that the simulation teaching system of anesthesiology improved the self-learning ability of international students, stimulated interest in learning and improved clinical thinking ability as well as practical hands-on ability, and anesthesia safety awareness. In summary, the anesthesiology simulation teaching system has a role in promoting the training of high-quality international medical students, which is conducive to the mastery of anesthesiology skills, and enhances the interest of international students.
Keywords:Anesthesiology; Simulation teaching system; Simulation model; Visual teaching system
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