International Medical Student Education 2019(1)
Experience of Teaching International Students Anatomy
Author:Xianghong Gao, Qinghua Liu, Xiaohua Zhao
Author Unit: Department of Human Anatomy, Weifang Medical University, Shandong Province

Abstract:In recent years, the education of foreign students in China has entered a rapid development stage. The differences in the educational and cultural backgrounds of foreign students, the obstacles of language communication between teachers and students, and the lack of unified textbooks in China have affected the teaching outcomes of anatomy classes among foreign students. In teaching practice, we try to adopt flexible teaching modes as seminar-type theoretical teaching, tutorial-type experimental teaching and role-playing, so as to make anatomy classes interactive, and adapt to the thinking characteristics and learning needs of foreign students. We adopt the evaluation system combining formative evaluation with summative evaluation, which greatly improves students learning enthusiasm and teaching effect.
Keywords:International students; Anatomy; Teaching mode; Formative evaluation; Summative evaluation
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