Digital Science and Fashion Art 2019(1)
Visual Art Expressions of Digital Scrolls of Shanhai Jingin Traditional Culture
Author:Shimeng Xu,Kim chong ki,Kaifa Deng
Author Unit: Sino-Korean School Multimedia Designer, Shanghai University of Engineering Science , Shanghai, China
Sino-French Institute Fashion Designer(IFA), Shanghai University of Engineering Science , Shanghai, China
Abstract:The culture of Shanhai Jing is the cream of Chinese traditional culture. After 4000 years of cultural inheritance and innovation, the images of rare animals have accumulated more and more distinctive ethnic characteristics. Its cultural connotation of rare animals has influenced artand folk customs, leaving valuable spiritual wealth and research value. Based on the dissemination of the culture of rare animals, according to the differences of the images, sound and living landscapes, this paper designed a digital scroll which is easy to disseminate and completed the inheritance, innovation and application of the culture of rare animals.
Keywords:Shanhai Jing;Digital scroll;Visual art
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