Digital Science and Fashion Art 2018(1)
Analysis of the Technology and Art about “Jiading Bamboo Carving ”
Author:Peng Li
Author Unit: Shanghai University of Engineering Science

Abstract:The paper expounds the development status of Jiading bamboo carving, analyzes its inheritance pedigree, and states its technical and artistic characteristics. Jiading Bamboo Carving combines poetry, books, paintings and imprints. It has a rich air of cultivated refinement and metal-stone style, and has distinct originality and regionality. It is a kind of rare art treasure. As the intangible cultural heritage of China, Jiading Bamboo Carving has its important cultural and artistic value, and it is analyzed to be promoted and disseminated worldwide.
Keywords:Inheritance pedigree; Craftsmanship; Bamboo carving; Liuqing
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