Digital Science and Fashion Art 2018(1)
Brand Value of Cultural Prototype-Shan Hai Jing
Author:Jun Yu
Author Unit: Publishing, Printing and Art Design Institute of University of Shanghai for Science and Technology

Abstract:The oldest mythical book in China, Shan Hai Jing, reflects the ancient people’s exploration of the outside world and becomes the source of the birth and development of Chinese civilization. As a cultural prototype, it contains all the forms and themes of the development of post-modern literature and art, thus opening up various cultural activities and psychological cognition. Studying the Shan Hai Jing, this paper intends to find a deep cultural matrix under the confusing and lacking creativity of today, and use advanced technology and visual expression to activate the ground-breaking interpretation of ancient culture, so that modern people can rediscover the profound cultural value of the tradition that feeds the Chinese nation.
Keywords:Shan hai jing; Cultural prototype; Myth; Brand value
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