International Medical Student Education 2019(3)
The Current Situation and Strategy Study on Humanistic Quality Cultivation of International Medical Students
Author:Tingting Liu, Chong Zhang, Bo Liu, Li Yu
Author Unit: School of International Education, Weifang Medical University

Abstract:The humanistic quality cultivation of medical student is an important component of contemporary medical education. Moreover, it is aimed at promoting the overall growth in addition to attaining educational goals of international medical students. Nowadays, many schools and students ignore the humanistic quality cultivation. This may be caused by the limited humanistic courses, shortage of teachers, and inadequate management. This study attempted to explore the strategies of cultivating international medical students humanistic quality from four aspects: medical ethics education, teaching system, cultural activities, and practice education. The findings of this study are expected to promote synergy of humanistic cultivation, promote the internalization of humanistic spirit and create a humanistic atmosphere in schools.
Keywords:International medical student; Humanistic quality cultivation; Current situation and strategy
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