International Medical Student Education 2019(2)
Backgrounds, Trends and Approaches of Internationalization of Medical Higher Vocational Education
Author:Jia Liu, Songxiao Zheng, Wenying Wang
Author Unit: Foreign Affairs Office of Jiangsu Health Vocational College, Nanjing Jiangsu 211800

Abstract:How to effectively improve the internationalization of medical higher vocational education is an important topic. At present, national strategies and under the background of industrial structure adjustments, have supported developments in medical higher vocational education gets favorable opportunities. This has changed the trend from “bringing in” to “going out”, and has transformed internationalization of students from scale to quality, In addition, national policies have led to the comprehensive internationalization of faculties, enrichment of traditional Chinese medicine features and reliance on health field. Based on the analysis of the backgrounds and trends of internationalization of medical higher vocational education, that this study advocates that the “four dimensions, three bodies, two features” approach to internationalization implemented by Jiangsu Health Vocational College is beneficial and progressive, and is applicable to other colleges as it improves the internationalization and international competitiveness of medical higher vocational education.
Keywords:Medical Higher Vocational Education; Internationalization; Background; Trend; Approach; Four Dimensions Three Bodies Two Features
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