Digital Science and Fashion Art 2019(1)
The Art and Performance of Binding and Design of Mythological Elements of Chinese monster
Author:Sun Yi
Author Unit: School of Publishing, Printing and Art Design, Shanghai University of Technology

Abstract:The classical culture passed down through a long history, which embodies the wisdom, imagination, aesthetics and interest of the ancients, is the source of modern design. Shanhai Jing is the source of Chinese mythology. It is the pursuit and responsibility of modern designers to organically combine the mythological elements with modern design and construct the binding design art with Chinese style. This paper attempts to combine the charm of traditional mythology with the form of modern book design. Taking the book design of Shanhai Jing series as an example, this paper discusses the designers design concept, design skills, typesetting form, binding style and so on, makes some changes and applications of modern design in its form, realizes the inheritance and innovation of traditional book design, and displays unique visual arts. Art aesthetics makes it easier and easier for people to accept and understand the charm of Chinese monster culture.
Keywords:Chinese Mythology;Shanhai Jing;Binding Design
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