Literature review of the research on the information management model of College Student
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    Literature review of the research on the information management model of College Student
    Yixi Li, Li Yin, Jinjing Li
    School of Business, Sichuan Agricultural University, Dujiangyan 611830, Sichuan Provice, People's Republic of China

    First Author: Yixi Li, Undergraduate, School of Business, Sichuan Agricultural University, major: E-commerce;
    Corresponding Author: Yixi Li, School of Business, Sichuan Agricultural University, Sichuan Provice, People's Republic of China, Email:
    ABSTRACT: The trend of "Internet +" is developing constantly, and the scale of college community is growing. The traditional information management mode cannot meet the need of development, it causes many problems of community management. In this regard, through the literature review, many scholars start qualitative analysis from the definition, development history, current situation and problems of the college community. This article summarizes the literature review of traditional university society’s research, and elaborate the relevant literatures of the college community research under the Internet background, combine the qualitative analysis and the quantitative analysis to explore a new mode of information management in student from the traditional mode to the internet network management mode.
    KEYWORDS: Internet+; Community; Information Management; Literature Review
    1. Introduction
        Student community is composed of students voluntarily to achieve the common aspiration of members in accordance with its constitution to carry out activities of the non-profit mass organizations, Ministry of Education Student Division believes. At present, the form of organization tends to the direction of network, virtualization and flattening, and becomes more and more flexible ,the students' societies have become more mature in the exchanges and mutual reference. But with the community developing to the information, networking, socialization and the interests of contemporary students’ demands and the pursuit of value increasingly become diversified. If we still adhere to the original college community management, it will be difficult to play a role in education. With the rapid development of computer network technology, and the development of college community shows a series of development problems. In order to solve the problems of student organizations management, following the development of knowledge society innovation 2.0. It is necessary to clearly realize the opportunities and challenges that the Internet brings to the management of college students' societies.
    Many scholars have done the related study, and achieved some results. The main contributions are from the core journals and academic works in the areas of management, education, politics, information management and sociology. This paper attempts to summarize and review comprehensively the new situation of college students' community management and information management since the 21st century, which is mainly summarized as following aspects.

    2. Literature Review on the Research of Traditional Colleges Associations.

    2.1 Quantitative analysis of the existing literature achievements

    Retrieving literature whose titles are College Associations,The Management Mode of Mass Organizations in Colleges and Universities or Information Management Mode of College Associations from CNKI source database China Academic Journals Full-text Database,Characterized Periodical,China Doctoral Thesis Full-text Database,China Master’s Theses Full-text Database,China Proceedings of Conference Full-text Database ,International Conference Papers Full - text Database and China Core Newspapers Full-text Database and then analyzing the retrieved result.
    Through the analysis finds that there are 3852 published literature titled with College Associations and the publication year of the retrieved documents is from 1986 to 2016. There are 100 papers named with The Management Mode of Mass Organizations in Colleges and Universities, and the publication year of the retrieved documents is from 2002 to 2016. Two hundred and ninety-four articles named Information Management Mode of College Associations are published from 1991 to 2016. The analysis to the number and time of publications on existing literature shows that the research on information management mode of college community, college community organization and college community has been on the rise from 1986 to 2016.

    2.2 Content analysis of existing literature

    Based on the results of collection and analysis found that the existing literatures on the research of college societies have many aspects, such as character, function, impact, development status, organization construction, management innovation and existing problems. In recent years, most of the researches are mainly surrounding the existing problems in the communities’ information management,the construction and development of college societies. The analysis for results of the existing literature is as followed:

    2.3 Researches on College Associations Information Management:

    There are some researches about information management of college communities, such as Analysis and Design of the Management Information System of Societies in A University (Erwei Wang etal,2016) and so on. The main content is involved in the construction of community information management and service platform, the research of information management mode and mechanism, the development and application of community information management system.

    3 Literature Review of Network Research on University Associations

    3.1 Status of Development

    Under the background of the rapid development of the Internet, college students are the principal users of computer networks, as well as major players in college associations. It has become a trend for college students to learn, live, communicate and entertain through the platform of Internet. Lacking flexibility, lowing management efficiency, traditional universities’ community management model can not meet the needs of community development any more. University associations’ network have emerged and gradually become the trend of community development. Based on existing literature collected finds that some researches have done on the network management of college associations.
    A Tentative Study on the Network Management of College Associations (Xiaoqing Zhou, 2010), Research on the Network Management Mode of Graduate Student Associations (Yue Liu etal,2014)and so on. They are researches based on networking management of college associations. The main content of the literature revolves around the impacts of the Internet on the college community, the construction of the network management platform. The first is the impacts of the Internet on college organizations. Helped by the opening up of the network, community colleges and universities may attract more people to participate in and expand the scale of society. Exchanging between community colleges and universities through the Internet makes communication diversified. Network management model creates a scientific, rational and information-management of college communities. The second is the construction of network management platform for community organizations, such as the design and construction of communities’ information management system, the research of college students’ community management system based on the network platform and innovation of management.

    4. Countermeasure and recommendation

    On the basis of the history and present situation analysis, according to the College student community information management mode of research questions in the new period of“Internet plus”,many scholars have put forward some countermeasures and recommendations.At this point,it can be briefly summarized as the following.

    4.1 People oriented,Perfecting the community management system

    Improve the system of community and optimization of relevant policy,It should be one of the prerequisites and conditions for the development of the community.Lulei Zhao considers that (Lulei Zhao "B_S mode of college sports community information management service platform based on")due to the mixture of community data information,makes the community management is not continuous,We should strengthen the research on the community information management model and the development of community information management system;The research of Jingling He,Jingyi Zhou ,Hansong Pang of the three(Jingling He,Jingyi Zhou, Hansong Pang"the research on the management mode of College Students' associations in the new era")think that we should strengthen the cultivation of the backbone of the community and improve the selection system of the responsible person.
    This paper argues that the interests and needs of members of the community is to support the development of the community,It should be people-oriented essentials of the overall development of society.No matter what time, what situation, which aspect, the characteristics of community development of humanity should be more perfect, and should not be abandoned.

    4.2 Adapt to the diversification,Improve soft and hard environment

    In the current rapid development of the Internet, colleges and universities should adapt to changes in the environment.Whether it is to strengthen and improve the system of society rules, the community information management model improvement and innovation, using the portal, micro-blog, WeChat and QQ Internet communication tools such as the systematic management of the information society is essential.
    Lulei Zhao considers that (Lulei Zhao"B_S mode of college sports community information management service platform based on")the hard environment in community management of the Internet has become a must for the community, information should be more attention, whether it is the establishment of specialized community website or specialized information system, is to improve the innovation of university community information management mode "Internet plus".

    5. Preliminary summary

    On the content for the purpose of this paper is to study the associations of university information management model, a preliminary study of the relevant literature.Through the collation and analysis of the existing literature, the scholars of the university community gradually deepened, from the simple summary of preliminary to the combination of theory and practice research.But the research in the existing literature on associations of university network information management is relatively small, most of the research is limited to the traditional community management mode.In this regard, the university community network research information management model is more comprehensive, systematic, integrity, the scholars also need further study, to explore the community information management model combined with the background of the.
    Study on community colleges and universities management mode, in the new period of the development of society also has a considerable number of studies on innovation, but “Internet +"university community information management model is relatively weak, to explore the development of information management in the community only to stay in the information system, but not from the innovation of higher management level of information management mode the.Nevertheless, it is undeniable that many scholars have noticed changes in the community college students under the network environment.and The research methods and the research perspective are mainly historical method, literature method, questionnaire method is relatively simple, although there are to be used, belongs to a special area or in a small sample, the statistical analysis method has been used, but the lack of depth data analysis.
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